touchdesigner “mokumoku” study meet up in Tokyo

Touchdesigner group study meet up project “mokumoku” is held irregularly at Shiodome area in Tokyo.
Each student holds an own subject on touchdesigner and learns silently and silently but cooperates each others if necessary.
No instructor teaches anything along the theme unlike a workshop.
Participants will decide what to study themselves.
If there is something they don’t understand or they want to know, they will ask a question and discuss with other students.
If you are motivated to study, you are welcome.

When applying, fill in the form your subject to study in advance.

This is a brief timetable on the day.

18:50 opening
19:00 Self-introduction, share your work with TouchDesigner in the past and your study theme on the day (within 2 minutes)
19:15 Self learning begins – mokumoku time
20:10 break (about 10 minutes)
21:15 your output presentation, Q&A (within 2 minutes)
21:30 wrap up and group photo session
21:40 closing

Touchdesigner もくもく勉強会




18:50 開場
19:00 自己紹介、過去にTouchDesignerでプログラミングした作品やこれから勉強するテーマなどを共有 (ひとり2分以内)
19:15 自習開始
20:10 休憩(10分間程度)
21:15 ふりかえり、感想など発表(ひとり2分以内)
21:30 片付け 写真撮影
21:40 解散