“SUITE” by Collectif Acousmaki premiere in Festival FUTURA

production year : 2020
duration : 16’15”
World Premiere : Festival FUTURA 2020 (France) on 21nd August 2021
Artist : Collectif Acousmaki

In 2020, We found an antique keyboard instrument, Epinet, which is said to be the prototype of the piano, in an old house in the fortified city of Crest in France. I recorded the tone on my iphone and created the music in January 2021 after taking it back to Tokyo.

The sounds of the church bells that rise above the hills of Crest that I heard during my stay are analyzed electronically, and the various sounds created by modulating the sounds of the epinet are played with a breeze in the city. It is a song with such an image.

A group of 9 composers (Acousmaki), including 8 composers living in France and myself in Japan, freely compose two minutes each in association with the sound of the epinet, and connect them together in one joint called SUITE. The song will be completed and will be premiered by Acousticonium in France in August 2021.



フランス在住の8名の作曲家と日本にいる私を合わせた9名によるグループ(Collectif Acousmaki)が、エピネットの音から連想してそれぞれ自由に2分ずつ作曲し、それを繋ぎ合わせたSUITEという一つの共同制作楽曲が完成し、2021年8月にフランスでアコースモニウムにより初演されます。